The Homeschool Lounge provides homeschool moms with a unique and invaluable resource, connecting each other, finding answers and support, getting inspired, and staying abreast of homeschool trends and issues. The Homeschool Lounge also provides many valuable free resources such as videos from experienced homeschool teachers and experienced homeschool moms, webinars, organizational tips & tricks and homeschool planning printables.


The Homeschool Lounge’s videos cover an array of subjects designed to assist homeschool moms achieve their homeschool goals. Interviews with experienced homeschool teachers and moms; previews of upcoming classes; organizational tips and methods used by educators themselves, ideas for creating lesson plans; ideas for organizing documents etc are presented engagingly and fun ways. Furthermore, The Homeschool Lounge creates videos which bring homeschool lesson plans alive through engaging videos that allow families bring them to life!


Videos created by experienced homeschoolers offer parents and teachers helpful insights and guidance into creating engaging homeschool environments, from advice offered by veteran homeschool moms on managing time efficiently to interviews with homeschool experts providing insight on selecting curriculum or teaching methods; acting as a forum to exchange ideas among veteran homeschoolers or simply featuring local homeschooling opportunities available nearby.


The Homeschool Lounge provides its members with various videos designed to empower and motivate homeschool moms as well as provide resources and guidance for homeschooling.

*Coaching and Mentoring Videos- These videos offer personalized advice, answer common queries, as well as offer constructive criticism to parents.

* Encouraging and Support Videos – These videos feature inspiring homeschool mom stories as well as guidance and tips for reaching their goals.

* Special Topic Videos – These videos explore more in-depth topics related to homeschooling, such as creating an appropriate curriculum or meeting state regulations and socializing your homeschooled child(ren).

* Expert Interviews – These videos feature interviews with homeschooling experts like teachers, administrators and homeschooling professionals.

* Cultural Videos – These videos showcase stories and information about other cultures, such as family life, customs, perspectives on education and perspectives of education systems around the world.

* Educational Resources – These videos highlight resources which support homeschooling such as courseware, curricula and learning materials that could aid home educators.

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